An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.
~Chinese Proverb

Thanks for your interest in Threads, the very true story of an Indiana farm girl in Vietnam! If you have already seen the show, please take a moment to sign the Audience Guestbook by posting your questions or comments. If you haven’t seen Threads yet, I hope you will consider attending one of my Upcoming Performances. If you’re not sure whether Threads is the play for you, I urge you to check out the Audience Guestbook and Press & Media pages to see what theatre-goers and critics have to say about the show.

In 2009, I had the pleasure of participating in the Winnipeg, Calgary, and Edmonton fringe festivals as an ensemble member of Inviting Desire: A Theatrical Aphrodisiac. I came home from the Inviting Desire CAFF tour inspired by the 50+ shows I saw over the course of the summer, many of them solo performances. It completely changed my concept of what theater is and can be.

I grew up in a Vietnam vacuum. My sister and I didn’t see our Vietnamese father very often, and he was our primary link to that part of our heritage. He passed away when I was 22. You hear about “G.I. babies” of the Vietnam War era, the children of foreign servicemen and Vietnamese women, but rarely do you hear about an American woman falling for a Vietnamese man. Indeed, though I have met many other half-Vietnamese Americans my age, aside from my sister, I’ve never met another person who was the offspring of such a pairing.

Aside from a couple anecdotal stories, my American mother didn’t talk about Vietnam very often. I spent most of my life feeling very disconnected from half of myself. So many questions…After the tour, I began videotaping interviews with my mother about her time in Vietnam; how she got there, why she went, what she did. I was surprised by the scope of her experiences and knew immediately I was onto something; these were stories that begged to be told. So I started piecing them together, and Threads was born.

Threads debuted in 2011 at the Fertile Ground Festival and also ran during the 1Festival, both in my hometown of Portland, Oregon. After numerous re-writes, I performed Threads in a total of 11 theatre festivals over 2012 and 2013. I look forward to performing the show at the 2015 Ottawa and Indianapolis Fringe Festivals!

Tonya Jone Miller, playwright
May 16, 2015

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6 thoughts on “Welcome…

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  2. I saw Threads yesterday at the Ottawa Fringe Festival, and it is clear to me that this play was written and performed from the heart. It was a truly authentic performance, one that will stay with me.

  3. Enjoyed the play ,absolutely fantastic! Tonya takes you in and you are involved right away. I love how she changes character and at the end you leave with a feeling that you want more. I think Tonya should write a book. I would buy it!

  4. We saw Threads last night and I absolutely loved the play. Tonya is very talented and captivated my attention from the very first line. Although she was the only performer I felt like there were 50 different characters in the room with us. The story was fascinating and very inspirational. It epitomized the thought that everything happens for a reason. Everyone should see this show!!!!

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