About Threads

the very true story of an Indiana farm girl in Vietnam
written and performed by Tonya Jone Miller

In August of 1968, a farm girl from rural Indiana stepped off a plane in Saigon, Vietnam. The people and events that led her there and her subsequent adventures make for an extraordinary tale.

Stories of the Vietnam conflict have been told by many people: servicemen and women on both sides, government and diplomatic workers, journalists, Vietnamese civilians. Donna Miller was none of these things. She chose to go to Vietnam, alone, in the middle of the war, to teach English at the Buddhist University in Saigon. She ended up doing so much more…

From being held at gunpoint on her very first night in-country, to adopting an entire family of Vietnamese orphans, Donna’s unique perspective and experiences form a theatrical narrative that is both universal and intensely personal. Hers is not a war story; it’s a life story.

Based on a series of interviews with the playwright’s mother, Threads celebrates the humor, hope and love that get us through tragedy. The story is a haunting reminder of how connected we are, how we never know the influence a seemingly small action might have, and how in the span of an instant, some people change our lives forever.

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4 thoughts on “About Threads

  1. I saw this last year at Edmonton Fringe Festival, and it was the most moving thing I saw there, funny, compelling, poignant and brilliant, and at one point I had tears rolling down my cheeks I didn’t realize where there. The most riveting performance I saw last year, and one so very well worth catching, wherever it may be.

  2. I was also part of the opening night audience for your enthralling play. Moving, funny, powerful, witty, overwhelmingly good. Congratulations to you, and to your mother. And did you know that we just had a public report about the poisoning of government brush control workers here with Agent Orange around the same time? They can just now start to claim workers’ compensation.
    Warmest congratulations

  3. Just home from your opening night at Toronto Fringe. This was an absolutely amazing piece of work, beautifully written and superbly acted. It’s truths will haunt me for days I’m sure.

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