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26 thoughts on “Audience Guestbook

  1. I wish I had more than five stars to give this performance. It’s marvelous! In her monologue, Tonya presents an intricate interweaving of related stories in the warmest, most loving manner. The stories are quite poignant, evoking both smiles and tears. She makes magnificent use of her voice, facial expressions, and body movements. One is totally captivated by the piece without it having to rely on extensive props or music. To appreciate the work, you do not have to have lived through the Vietnam War period or in any way participated in it. The beautiful humanity transcends the particulars.

  2. I am a volunteer at the Vancouver Fringe Festival and saw Threads there. I thought it was well done and very moving and I have been recommending it to other Vancouver Fringe goers since. I believe that it is one of the pieces of theatre that I will remember for a long time.

  3. Just saw your play at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. I love how the play was sequenced and agree with another post that it would make an amazing movie! The play was so moving, so personal, and heartfelt. The connection you made with the audience was most apparent during the ovation you received – we were all so moved and felt connected to the art and the artist. Thank you for bringing this play to the Fringe!

  4. I saw your show today at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. No other show touched me like this one has. Thank you for the wonderful story and the moving performance.

  5. I loved it. Tonyas story moved me in places I did not expect. The interwoven aspects of Asian culture, war, and the most of all, for me, those aspects of the divine mother that seem to shine through. I could not stop weeping over her little brother in Vietnman. Thank you so much for telling this story. A true testimony to the fact that stories change and save lives.

  6. Dear Tonya,

    I took in your performance of Threads at the Fringe yesterday at my son’s invitation. I really had very little idea what to expect. I found it to be a profoundly heartfelt performance and deeply moving. The
    whole story was shared so honestly and soulfully. Thank you for bringing it to the light of day, for sharing your heart with our hearts. And thank you to your mother for generously and courageously sharing it with you. I came away from your piece feeling this is truly what theatre should be about–to speak the truth about life and to stir human hearts. It was a very worthy and real performance.
    J. Mory

  7. My friend and I were both blown away by your performance of Threads the last night at CoHo Theater. We were only sorry we were seeing your final performance in Portland, Oregon because we raved about the play to everyone but they had no opportunity to see the play themselves.

    The story was beautifully constructed, honed until it was sharp and gleaming. Thank you so much for recognizing that your Mother’s experiences warranted sharing with a larger audience and for using your talent to tell her story in an unforgettable way.

    Your delivery, the emotional connection established with every person in the theater, made the play such a memorable event – my friend and I will be talking about Threads for a long time to come. I’m so glad I have someone that I shared the experience with to revisit again and again.

  8. We would love for you to consider applying for the second annual Santa Cruz Fringe Festival, July 11-20. Applications are due February 15. All the info (the FAQ’s are particularly helpful) and the application are on the website. Please let me know if you have any questions. Our first festival last summer was a huge success, and we know this year will be even better. As a visiting artist you get the fun of a fringe (184 total shows last year) while hanging out in a super cool town in one of the most beautiful settings in the world, that is if you like gorgeous coastlines, excellent surfing, palms, redwoods and more..



    Dixie FunLee Shulman, Director
    Santa Cruz Fringe Festival
    PO Box 7648
    Santa Cruz, CA 95061

  9. Brilliant ‘threading’ of the story!
    Tonya’s performance was so 3D I felt I as living at the scene.
    The emotions were so raw it not only brought tears and laughter, but touched the core.
    The words chosen wer simple yet classic!
    Threads is not a typical wartime story that most assumed and therefore avoided.
    It is a story about how real people survived courageously.
    Please do take time to visit this extraordinary performance!
    Cheers to you, Tonya!

  10. One-person shows are a favorite of mine at Fringe, because the artist is (figuratively) naked on the stage. The success and failure lies with them (and their material), and as such, you tend to develop a closer bond to the performer. The medium is hard to master because you are essentially asking an audience to stay focused on what you are doing alone on the stage for an hour — ergo, there are often many bad one-person shows.

    One-person shows are also a treat because each year, this category often contains the Fringe shows with the greatest emotional heft and substance. When it comes to “emotional heft”, Threads has it in droves.

    A retelling of the events that performer Tonya Jone Miller’s mother Donna experienced in Vietnam, the sheer weight of the experience seems daunting when just recollecting the various collective stories. It is more shocking when you realize that these are not the collected stories of a community, but rather that of just one individual, displaced in a dangerous place at a dangerous time: teaching English in Vietnam during wartime.

    This isn’t merely a war-time tale, however — the narrative jumps back and forth between 1962-1975, from events prior to the Vietnam trip (such as Donna’s first marriage and subsequent dissolution), to the events right after her final return. Performer Tonya Jone Miller tackles the challenging task of channeling her mother’s spirit and personality with aplomb. There is no manipulation at work — Tonya uses subtlety in both her storytelling and facial expressions so that the emotional moments bear more impact in contrast.

    Humor is sprinkled in throughout appropriately (there’s a particular moment in quite possibly the most shocking tale that managed to draw gut busting laughter while simultaneously reinforcing the seriousness of the situation). Imagery is vivid and helps illustrate the environment so that the audience can place themselves inside it. By the end, there are few dry eyes.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Donna after seeing the show, as she was in attendance. This was quite possibly one of the most heartwarming moments of my Fringe. Not only because she was the subject of the story, but watching Tonya and Donna together after the show, you could see the warm bond mother-and-daughter shared, and how much closer together that the experience has brought them.

    Do yourself a favor and see this if it comes to your town — you won’t forget it.

  11. The best written, and best performed solo show I have ever seen. Brilliant storytelling that led us on a roller coaster ride that I did not want to get off until far after it was over. I would gladly see this show again, and wish her the best of success!

  12. I was lucky to see this wonderful play at the Orlando Fringe Festival. The story was mesmerizing and the performance thoroughly engrossing and enjoyable. I highly recommend this play. Hope you will get more and more exposure and attention. Best to you.

  13. Several members of our theatre company saw this tonight at Atlanta Fringe. We loved it. Tonya does a wonderful job of performing the piece in an engaging, moving and creative way. The story in remarkable and we were so moved. Thank you, Tonya, for sharing your mother’s story. It has given us much to think about.

  14. Threads was so wonderful I had to see it twice. Tonya’s adaptation of her mother’s true story is at times heart-wrenching to the point where I was sobbing and at times so funny I was howling with laughter. The simplicity of the set and props just added to the overall allure and sense of excitement about what was to come, I was on my toes the whole time. A one woman show is very hard to pull off and Tonya did it with just perfect elegance. You will be missing out on the chance of a lifetime if you don’t see Threads.

  15. I was astonished when I saw this performance. One woman, with such a unique perspective and the ability to make you feel like you are in the scene. Tonya is a wonderful performer. You will miss something spectacular if you miss this show. The story is overwhelming, heartbreaking at times, and scary. It all comes to life before your eyes.

  16. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went to see “Threads”, but I was simply blown away. Tonya’s raw honesty, her knack for comedy, her emotion and the obvious personal connection to this amazing true story all came through in her incredible performance. She moved me to laughter and tears in the same hour, and I’m so grateful I was able to experience it!

  17. A wonderful, powerful, emotional play. I recommend it, should you be able to attend a performance. It will be a strong addition to those Fringe Festivals at which it is shown.

  18. I love this remarkable real life story. I cried. I laughed and then I cried some more. My time listening and watching was too short. I would definitely see it again and again!!!!!!!!!

  19. Tonya’s Threads should be a movie. Her delivery of her mother’s extraordinary story was superb. I was riveted and I believe my knuckles were white as I clutched the sides of my theater seat! You don’t want to miss this.

  20. I greatly enjoyed seeing this show last year. It was both touching and entertaining. I am hoping it will be returning at some point so I can bring friends and family to experience this moving interpretation of her mothers inspirational story of love and hope.

  21. Threads is amazing. I feel like there should be a better word to describe it but it is not coming to me. Go and see for yourself the warmth, strength and integrity of Tonya as she take you through her mother’s extraordinary journey. You will not be disappointed.

  22. This was a wonderful show. The emotion and AUTHENTICITY that Tonya brought to the stage was visceral and thought-provoking.

    This was a beautiful show that was clearly “from the heart.”

    I would recommend it to all audiences.

  23. I am fascinated with stories of everyday people in extraordinary circumstances. This is one of those stories, a mother’s tale beautifully acted out by her daughter. Honest and touching. I would definitely recommend it and I would love to see it again.

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